Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Last week I lead a training day to prepare my students to lead the school in a Peer Support program. The day involved a lot of discussion and a lot of brainstorming.

I couldn’t help but think how great it is, that a day can involve more than one brainstorm/discussion and yet students will be engaged, still share their ideas and enjoy it.

So thought I would share a few of the great online brainstorming sites:

You may have seen or used these sites yourself. I’d love if you share how you use them in your comments.

Not just for brainstorming, also a private chat room. Similar to Twitter respondents can only use 140 characters.

Really fun, can respond to a question and repeated answers are made bigger to stick out.

Personal favourite - It can big as small or as big and has a range of backgrounds.

Butchers paper (oldie but a goodie)
I think it’s obvious but sometimes it is fun to write on big pieces of paper (just not all the time)

This has also been around a while and we are all familiar the images that this produces.

Lucidchart Diagram (now in google apps)
Love this one - allows from different shapes, connecting lines, a lot of fun.

Mindmeister (in google add-ons in google docs)
A simple list, highlight and click. This will give you a mind map - not as much control as Lucidchart.

Please feel free to add more information in comments or share some of your own that I may have missed.

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